Vaccinations including Travel


Blackwater Private Clinic provides a structured, specific and individual  vaccine schedule, depending on where you are travelling to in the world or the nature of the work you do.

  • We work in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and public health bodies to schedule your specific vaccines and arrange the administration of your vaccines prior to commencing your travels or employment.
  • We provide a certificate of delivery of vaccinations, should your travel company or work require it.
  • We can facilitate the antibody blood testing for Occupational Health purposes for healthcare workers e.g. Hepatitis status.

To make an appointment for travel vaccines or occupational health ( work) vaccines, please contact us today and we will arrange your vaccine schedule.

For Corporate arrangements, ie ( Nursing Home Groups, Medical/Nursing agencies or Industry) please contact us for Corporate Partnership rate

COVID Recovery Certification for Travel

If you have received a positive Covid 19 PCR test and are due to travel, you may be eligible for a COVID recovery certificate.
There are countries who still require negative Covid PCR tests results prior to arrival.

If you have had Covid in the past 90 days, you are not advised to repeat a PCR test, as your test may remain positive for up to 3 months after you have been infected.
You may be eligible to apply for a “Covid Recovery Certificate”. Global Government guidance changes daily, so check with your airline and the country of travel.
To access a Covid Recovery Certificate, you can follow these links or book an appointment at Blackwater Private Clinic.

Following a medical examination and review with one of doctors, if eligible we can provide you with necessary documentation to fly where appropriate. You can book an appointment as early as Day 10 from your Covid +ve result.

  • Pricing

    COVID Recovery Certification for Travel£100
    Vaccination Consultation£80
    Hepatitis B Full Vaccination course, including Doctor's appt, administration of 3 vaccines, Blood test confirming immunity and certificate of immunity£250
    Yellow Fever £120
    Meningitis A, C, W Y£50.00
    Avaxim Hep A£45.00
    Typhim V ( Thyphoid)£25.00
    Chickenpox Vaccine£150 ( includes 2 vaccines for completion of course) £80 for single vaccine
    Dukoral (Cholera)£70 (Includes 2 vaccines for completion of course)
    TicoVacLyme Disease/Tic borne encephalitis £65 per vaccine (2-3 dose course required)
    TicoVac JuniorPOA
    Bexero ( Meningitis B)£140
    Energix B£30
    Gardasil 9 ( Cervical HPV)£150
    Ixiaro (Jap Encephalitis)£140
    Supemtek (Flu A)£30

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