Menopause Clinic

Experience the difference with our specialised menopause appointments.

Our private GP practice offers tailored care and support for women navigating the menopausal transition. With a compassionate team of experts, we provide personalized consultations, symptom management, hormone therapy options, and lifestyle advice to help you embrace this phase of life with confidence and comfort.

  • Our doctors are members of British Menopause Society and FSRH (Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive health).
  • We offer Mirena coil insertion as part of menopause treatment regimes.

Take control of your menopause journey today by scheduling an appointment with our dedicated team.

  • Menopause Specialist Clinic

    Menopause Clinic Consultation (45 mins)£250.00
    Menopause Follow-Up Review with Doctor including hormone blood profiles£250.00
    Menopause Bloods Only including Hormone Profiles, FAI & Testosterone £125.00
    Ring Pessary insertion/ change ( Includes consultation)£125.00
    Mirena coil insertion (For HRT regime)Prices from £300

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