Private Blood Testing


At Blackwater Private Clinic, we provide a wide variety of sample testing using medical laboratories in UK and Ireland.

We provide screening for conditions such as Anaemia, liver and kidney disease, cholesterol and thyroid problems.

Specialised tests that we can facilitate at Blackwater Private Clinic include hormone profile (see Menopause Clinic for more information), genetic testing and infections screens including hepatitis, HIV and smears can all be assessed.

  • Well being clinics specifically for men or women are available and packages include blood testing ( see speciality clinics for more detail)

Moles and skin lesions can be removed in a clinic appointment at Blackwater Private Clinic and all samples will be sent for specialised pathology testing. Should a result warrant consultant led care, ie skin cancer, then we will refer you on to the NHS/Private consultant list, as soon as the result becomes available.

  • Full blood screening packages available on request. Contact a member of the team

Prices start from £75, including individual tests and specialist blood packages.

Contact us on 02837605020 or 02882848090.