Aqualax/Deso Fat Dissolving Treatment

Aqualyx Treatment
  • Aqualyx is a fat dissolving (Lipolysis) treatment that targets fat removal from stubborn areas.
  • Aqualyx is a treatment administered and monitored by doctors, in conjunction with a personalised lifestyle, diet and exercise management plan.
  • Lipolysis (Aqualyx ) is Medical procedure using Prescription Treatment, which includes deoxycholic, used in the emulsification of fats for the absorption in the intestine.
  • Lipolysis Treatment Areas:
    • Stomach
    • Arms
    • Neck and Under chin area
    • Flanks and waist
    • Inner and outer thighs
    • Underarms and armpits
  • TreatmentPrice per area
    Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injection From £350
    Deso Fat Dissolving injectionFrom £400
    Bespoke Multiple Treatment bundleFrom £600