Equipment Calibration

At Blackwater Medical, we have official partnerships directly with manufacturers such as SECA, Welch Allyn, Circassia, Seer’s Medical etc to ensure the highest possible standards in medical device equipment.
We offer a tailor made calibration service to suit your practice needs, ensuring that your medical devices are accurate and safe for use by patients and staff, with minimal disruption to your working day.
We provide medical calibration and re-upholstry services throughout Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Calibration testing for:

  • BP Monitors
  • Weighing Scales
  • Thermometers
  • Spirometry Devices
  • Debrillators
  • ECG
  • Pulse Oximeters
Restoration & Upholstery Service

Medical couches are integral pieces of furniture in any clinical setting.
Rips or tears in upholstery or direct exposure to the metal work of an examination couch can be an infection control breach, putting patients and staff at risk.

Our engineers at Blackwater Medical can offer a cost effective remodelling of your existing furniture, from re-upholstery using anti-bacterial medical grade fabric, to powder coat treatment of the metal frame, fully restoring your existing couch.

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Please contact us for further information and pricing options.